I hate my dad

On my father's birthday, I: a. ... i love my mom dad too but why do they hate me i dont know my mom just tell me bringing you in this world is the biggest mistake of ...

Aug 24, 2005 · my dad has hit me a couple once lately, but i know he was just angry and he didnt mean it , cause he apologised . also i have wanted many times to be born into a different family , i just hate how things run with my family , its all about grades and schooland what job you have , arrg .

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I hate my mom as a person. I hate my dad as a person. They dont deserve my respect at all. I even told them that I will never become like them and I would rather be a single forever than marry a man like my dad. I get along with my peers and my brother really well but I always have conflicts with my parents. Jun 09, 2018 · I hate my dad, i hate my dad so much that i try everything just to be the opposite of my dad. We from Africa but he treats us like we still in Africa been a control freak, no matter how good i do he always find something nwgative about it.