Test suite failed to run window is not defined

May 23, 2017 · Test suite failed: jQuery is not defined #2337. ... Test suite failed to run ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined ... window is not defined while i run the testcase.

Anyway, this "secondary" hidden instance of excel doesn't really cause troubles, until you run your code the SECOND time. Any sort of excel automation that works the first time, but not the second, almost ALWAYS is the result of not using fully qualified variables. The solution is to always use the DEFINED variables as a starting point. In this ... Dec 18, 2018 · In TestNG, you cannot use a testing source code to define a suite. However, you can use a .xml file. The main advantage of the test suite is that it enables you to flexibly configure a test that must be run. A test suite, defined by the <suite> tag, can contain more than one test. What is an annotation in TestNG?

I am seeing pretty consistently that when a test case in a suite is run and fails, subsequent test cases appear to be using the same window. This is messing up future test cases. Is there a setting that needs to be defined for this not to occur?

September 2012. Volume 27 Number 09. Visual Studio 2012 - What's New in Microsoft Test Manager 2012. By Micheal Learned | September 2012. In this article we’ll introduce some of the new features in Microsoft Test Manager 2012 (MTM) that are used and “dogfooded” by the Visual Studio ALM Rangers. If the Test Runner window does not appear, check to see if it was blocked by the pop-up blocker. If so, click the Pop-up blocker button, select Always allow pop-ups…, and then click Done. You can then launch the test run again with success. In the Test Runner window, expand the Test 1 of 1: Iteration 1 dropdown. Note that there are two ... Screenshot attached as requested. You'll notice that although the test results window shows the suite as passed, the status bar message says the build failed. Attempting to expand the "Test suite passed" node does nothing apart from remove the "+". It looks like it probably is something to do with having XML in the output. To run all of the tests, first open the Test Explorer by going to the "Test" menu and selecting "Windows->Test Explorer". Then click "Run All" at the top of this window. This will produce an output something like the following: The above output shows that there were two tests in the test suite.