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Injection and ignition control sytem, expressly developed to be employed on many DUCATI bike models, in replacement of the original ECU. All the original functions are kept. Heart of the system is the MPC5534 Power PC from Freescale that with a core clock of 80Mhz, provide high calculation perfor-mances.

This is one of Moto46’s bikes, a race 2003 Ducati 749 running a full exhaust system developed from scratch. They weren’t looking for power but were looking for improvements in the power delivery as the exhaust had left big holes everywhere. 749 With 924 Big Bore Kit (base model 749 engine) - Written Feb ‘06. A fairly simple mod, this involves fitting 999 100mm bore cylinders and specific pistons to a 749, giving 924cc, a 23.5% increase. The 749 and 999 shares the same cylinder stud spacing (along with the 1000DS, ST3 and 996) so the cylinders go straight in.

Ducati 749 - $214.53. Ducati 749 S 2006 Ecu With Immo Off Model Iaw5amhw610 Away Until 20th Jan. Ducati Performance - $115.00. Ducati Performance 1198s Stock Oem Ecu ... I’m not sure if reading the file out of an ecu and then flashing it back in will work as desired here. I’ve not tried that. I recall flashing a 749 ecu with a file not originally from that ecu which would reset the TPS (linear) to 4 degrees or so with each flash. Now I always do a TPS reset after a flash for a linear TPS model. Ducati ECU Repairs & Updates. With the introduction of the Weber-Marelli 5.9M ECU from 2003 onwards, Ducati removed the ability for the owner to easily update the fuelling map simply by swapping a fuel chip. This means that to update the fuel map, you had to purchase a new ECU for your Ducati, at a whopping retail price from the dealer. Ecu It's located on the back side of the battery box. Three fasteners hold the battery box in place, then four screws hold the heatshield to the back of the box. The ECU is behind the heatshield and secured by two bolts. The Termi ECU for my 57 mm system said "999 racing" on it if memory serves. There may be a shortcut to access it.