Crunchbang install nvidia

But my qusetion is, is there any way to install nvidia graphic driver and make games such as minecraft and xonotic to use nvidia graphic driver, current performance is slow. If you have a hybrid graphics laptop, then you also need to configure bumblebee

Jun 03, 2010 · However for alpha stage Crunchbang 10 is remarkably stable and highly usable. But I'm left wandering were exactly does it fit in? At 1.7GB it certainly is not a small distro, probably a bit lite for a complete install, I think it would be an ideal introduction for a user who wants to attempt building up their own distro but does not feel ... you may need to install the non-free drivers. I'm on a laptop with Linux Mint 14 and able to display my screen across the laptop and two additional monitors. I change all my display settings through the Nvidia X Server Settings then save any changes to the xorg file.

After you boot the BunsenLabs image, don’t use the graphics installer. The text-mode installer connects to WIFI better, in my opinion. Installation was fairly smooth, but I had to change the Lenovo Ideapad Bios boot order, because my USB stick wasn’t booting. One of the first things I like to do with Tint2,... Oct 18, 2014 · Installing Compton Easily on Debian Wheezy After installing Debian Wheezy on my computer, getting everything setup (XFCE, NVIDIA, etc), screen tearing was still a problem. I then tried to compile Compton from the git repository, which didn’t work.

Feature: CrunchBang Linux. CrunchBang's disclaimer says that your computer may actually go "Crunch", "Bang", and they're not liable. CrunchBang includes conky on the desktop, out of the box. Activating compositing in CrunchBang Linux. Robbie looks at CrunchBang's out-of-the-box useability and discusses how easy it is to install.