Nocaster pickup specs

Specifications This stunning Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition '57 Heavy Relic Strat is part of the 2018 NAMM Collection, and is done in the timeless Nocaster Blonde finish.

Fender Custom Shop NOS Nocaster, Faded Nocaster Blonde. For just over 32 years, the extraordinarily talented luthiers of the Fender Custom Shop have been providing the most illustrious guitar players of the day with their dream instruments. The Fender Custom Shop 1951 Nocaster is an authentic evocation of Fender’s first workhorse guitar,... Jul 10, 2012 · Treat your Tele to the best bridge pickup possible, improve its sound, and extend its possibilities. Although Telecaster bridge pickups are best known for their famous “twang,” more and more, guitarists are looking to coax an increased array of sounds out of their instrument.

A legend among Fender® fans, the Nocaster® has an interesting history. Originally called the “Broadcaster” during its initial production in ’50, it was renamed after a request from The Gretsch Company, which offered a drum set named “Broadkaster”. Sep 02, 2013 · Soft “V” Shape: 50s profile, fit to shape of palm, almost always 1-piece maple, usually 7.25” radius, retro feel. Accidentally crafted in the Fender factory back in the 50s, these necks are the perfect fit for players who lay down chops with their thumb hanging over the edge of the fingerboard. Fender Custom Shop 51 Nocaster Tele Pickups Set, Single Pickup, 099-2109-000, Set of two Fender Custom Shop ’51 Nocaster Tele single-coil pickups for We use "cookies" on our website to provide the best experience to fit your needs. The bridge pickup sounds nothing like my Nocaster, and the neck pickup in mine is absolutely not a Twisted Tele, which is the worst effin' pickup I have ever heard. According to my guy, the '52, '58, and '64 Pure Vintage pickups in the post-2012 AVRI series were totally new designs starting with a clean sheet of paper. Fender ® Custom Shop Nocaster Tele ® Pickups, set of 2 Designed to sound just like the original, the Fender ® Nocaster pickup is true to its heritage. The flush mounted Alnico 3 magnets, enamel coated magnet wire and a zinc shielding plate help to recreate the real deal with great Tele ® twang and smooth midrange that only the famous Fender Custom Shop can reproduce.

An elusive legend among Fender aficionados, the Nocaster has an interesting history. Originally called the "Broadcaster" during its initial production run in '50, it was renamed after a request from The Gretsch Company, which offered a drum set named "Broadkaster". Dec 26, 2017 · Elon Musk vows to build Tesla pickup truck 'right after' Model Y. He's also hinting at a number of feature updates for Tesla EVs. Jon Fingas, @jonfingas. 12.26.17 in Transportation. 1951 Fender Nocaster Blackguard All Original - Pre-Telecaster! If you were around in 1951, you could have seen Mickey Mantle play his first game as a Yankee, and hit his first home run. Dennis the Menace made his debut in 16 papers and Catcher in the Rye was published for the first time. NOS Lacquer Finish • 2 Piece Select Fiji Mahogany Body with 4A Flame Koa Top • Roasted 3A Birdseye Maple Neck with a '63 Strat Style "C" Back-Shape • African Blackwood Fretboard • 9.5" Radius • 21 #6105 Frets • Hand-Wound Loaded Nocaster (bridge) and Hand-Wound Open Loaded Nocaster (Neck) Pickups • 3-Way Switch • Fat 50's Tele Wiring • 1-Ply Brown Shell Pickguard • '58-'63 ... Into the mid 50’s and the pickups become a little more standardised. Staggered magnet and a cooler wind for that classic Twangy Tele Tone. Whilst still wound with 43AWG Plain Enamel over Alnico 5 magnets, in 1954 things got a little more balanced, sure the brutes in the early years were awesome, but not for everyone. We take customization a step further with rift sawn necks for added resonance and expanded control sets for tonal versatility, and every “Chicago Special” Fender Custom Shop guitar features our own custom Chicago Special pickups, designed in conjunction with Fender Custom Shop Vice President of Product Development Mike Lewis.